About Us

About Herbalife

The Wellnesscentres in Chennai is a worldwide Nutrition organization that has helped individuals seek after a healthy, active  life since 1980. Our Nutrition, weight-management items are Weightloss in Chennai and Weightgain in Chennai has accessible only through our in excess of 2.3 million free Associates in excess of 90 nations. We bolster the Herbalife Family Foundation and its Wellnesscentres in Chennai for Casa Herbalife program to encourage the acquire great nourishment to kids require.

Why Herbalife

Making the World Healthier and Happier. The reason and novel estimation of our Company, our Distributors and our Employees, is to enable individuals to be Healthier and Happier through customized nutrition and a demonstrated business opportunity so that around the world, every tomorrow is consistently better.

We Always Do What’s Right

When we look in the mirror, we see respectability, trustworthiness, quietude and trust. We mirror the conviction that moral is never discretionary. Also, we respect and regard each other, our Distributors, our clients, and above all, ourselves.

We Work Together

We learn, we educate. We tail, we lead. We enable one minute and acknowledge to help the following. We collaborate constantly, which makes us relentless. We have a great time. We keep things straightforward. We commend the individual, and the group, in every one of us.

We Build It Better

We’re continually turning upward. Since that is the place the open door is. To learn. To develop. To advance. To exceed expectations and surpass. To be a specialist of progress in our groups. To transform an entrepreneurial soul into day by day motivation as we make our clients’ lives and our own Healthier and Happier.